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  • Screws for Metal

    Including sheet metal, thread cutting, thread rolling, self drilling, self piercing and drive screws

  • Screws for Plastic

    Including hi-low, thread rolling, thread cutting, and drive screws

  • Sockets

    Allen head screws, including socket caps, shoulder screws, set screws, hex keys and pipe plugs

  • Machine Screws

    Used with either a tapped hole or nut in everything from electronics to power tools.

  • SEMS

    Machine screws with free-spinning lock washers for ease of assembly.

  • Hex Cap

    Hex heads are used to assemble high-strength metal structures or to bolt parts onto machinery.

  • Wood

    Standard & Coarse Threads, Zinc & Black Oxide. Phillips/Square/Slotted. Deep Thread available..

  • Drywall Screw

    Available with regular course thread for drywall to wood or fine thread or self drilling for drywall to metal studs.

  • Deck Screw

    Variety of screws meant for deck and fence building. Deck screws can be used with treated wood.

  • Self-Drilling

    Self-Drilling Sheet Metal Screws or TEK Screws have a drill bit tip eliminating the need for a pre-drilled hole

  • Flange

    Flange bolts have machines screw threads and eliminate the need for a flat washer.

  • Lag

    Lag Screws hold a great deal of weight and are used to connect heavy materials.

  • Dowel, Steel Zinc

    Steel zinc dowel screws are threaded on both ends and come in a variety of sizes.

  • Thumb and Wing

    Easily tighten and loosen thumb and wing screws by hand for easy assembly and disassembly.

  • Weld

    Weld screws have machine threads and are manufactured to easily to weld to assemblies.

  • Concrete Screws

    Cut threads in concrete, block or brick eliminating the need for anchors in light-duty applications.

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