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  • Drive Pin

    Drive pin rivets are blind rivets with a shorter mandrel that are installed with a hammer. For wood, plastic & metal.

  • Standard Blind

    Also known as Pop rivets. Used when you only have access to one side.

  • 3-Star™ Bulb Type Blind

    Ideal in thin, soft or brittle materials that require little pulling force due to a wider blind side contact area.

  • Multi-Grip

    Multi-grip rivets are ideal for thin sheet metal and plastic due to a large expansion on the blind side.

  • Orlock® High Strength

    Rivets designed for heavy industrial use because they are highly resistant to vibration and water

  • Structural Rivets

    Structural rivets are installed from one side in structural applications where vibrations are present.

  • Tools and Tool Parts

    Tools and tool parts for rivet guns.

  • Rivet Nuts

    Flat head ribbed threaded inserts in a variety of sizes.

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