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  • Hex Nuts

    Including finished, jam, keps, top lock, castle, heavy hex, nylon nuts, slotted, flex, and nylon insert nuts

  • Lock Nuts

    An assortment of lock nuts including Top Lock, Center Lock, Jam, Keps, Nylon Insert and more.

  • Flange Nuts

    An assortment of flange nuts including Nylon Insert, Serrated, Non-Serrated, Top lock, and Center lock.

  • Coupling

    Used to join two externally threaded parts of equal thread diameter and pitch. Available in a variety of widths and lengths.

  • Tee

    Tee nuts are used for fastening metal to products made of wood, particle board or plastic.

  • Wing

    Washer based Wing Nuts eliminate the need for washers and speed assembly time.

  • Cage

    Tinnerman Style Cage Nuts are free floating square nuts retained with a spring steel cage.

  • Square

    Heavy and regular square nuts are for use with square bolts.

  • Rivet Nuts

    Ribbed and Non-Ribbed nuts with internal threads for use with screws and bolts in materials too thin to be tapped.

  • Weld Nuts

    A variety of Weld Nuts including, Tab, Hex, Round Base, Spot and Square.

  • Self-Clinching

    Self-clinching nuts are designed for use in thin sheet metal when load-bearing threads are necessary.

  • Conduit, Die Cast Zinc

    Conduit lock nuts are for use as components in cable connectors for use in various electrical boxes.

  • Panel (Pipe)

    Popular uses for panel nuts are switch mounts, volume controls and electrical fixtures.

  • Steel Spring

    Tinnerman style Spring nuts aka Speed Nuts available in U Type, J Type & Flat Type.

  • Type U Speed Clips

    Tinnerman® style U clips, easy snap on over wood, metal or plastic and require no additional fasteners

  • Acorn Nuts

    Acorn Nuts have a hexagonal shape and work well as decorative pieces or covers for projecting threads.

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