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  • Standard Hex

    Finished hex nuts are for use with a variety of bolts

  • Hex Jam

    Low profile nuts that are jammed against a standard nut to lock them in place. Also used when standard nut will not fit

  • Machine Screw

    Hex nuts designed for use with machine screws.

  • Heavy Hex

    Heavy hex nuts are stronger, thicker, and wider than standard nuts

  • Nylon Insert

    Hex nut with a nylon filled collar at the back end for a tight fit.

  • Top Lock Stover®-Equivalent

    One piece hex nuts that can withstand severe vibration and shock loads

  • K-Lock (Keps)

    Keps nuts have either a free spinning external tooth or a conical washer attached.

  • Reversible, 2-Way Lock

    Have the same design on the top and bottom and are ideal for automatic assembly machines.

  • Slotted / Castle

    Have slots for the insertion of cotter pins to secure the nuts when used with fasteners with a drilled hole.

  • Flex Type

    Flex type lock nuts retain their locking strength through 15 removals and re-applications.

  • Nylon

    For use with nylon fasteners, resistant to grease and oil and maintain their strength when exposed to heat

  • Hex High, Grade 8

    High hex nuts are primarily used in vehicles and industrial equipment that requires additional wrenching area.

  • Automotive

    For automotive applications that require light tension and have limited clearance area. Lug nuts also found here.

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