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  • Carriage Bolts

    Square and ribbed style neck available in grades 5 & 8 and 18-8 Stainless in Zinc, Galvanized & Black Oxide.

  • Structural Bolts

    A325 Structural Bolts and also B7 Heavy Hex Bolts can be found in this section

  • Hex Cap

    Hex heads are used to assemble high-strength metal structures or to bolt parts onto machinery.

  • Machine Bolts

    Hex machine bolts with a trimmed hex head and galvanized coating for use in highly corrosive environments.

  • Tap Bolts

    Full thread hex bolts available in low carbon and grades 5 & 8.

  • Flange Bolts

    Flange bolts and Frame bolts have machines screw threads and eliminate the need for a flat washer.

  • Sockets

    Allen head screws,including socket caps, shoulder screws, set screws, hex keys and pipe plugs

  • Square Head Bolts

    Machine Bolts with a square head offer greater bearing surface for wrenching than hex head bolts.

  • Anchor Bolts

    Also known as Wedge Anchors, these assure full contact with masonry and withstand temperature fluctuations.

  • Lag Bolts

    Lag Bolts hold a great deal of weight and are used to connect heavy materials.

  • Plow Bolts

    Grade 5 plow bolts for use in heavy-duty equipment where a smooth surface if required at the spot of head protrusion.

  • Hanger Bolts

    Hanger bolts designed to hang material from wooden structures.

  • B-7 Studs

    B-7 continuous thread studs manufactured to ASTM A193 and ASME B16.5 specs.

  • Step Bolts

    Step bolts are ideal for bolting wood where the larger diameter head prevents pulling through soft wood.

  • Elevator Bolts

    Elevator bolts with wide, countersunk flat heads and a unified thread pitch popular for use in conveyor systems.

  • Eye Bolts

    Open and closed end eye bolts for fastening in wood or suspension of light weights.

  • Toggle Bolts

    Light-duty anchors that spread the load over a large area and are more temperature resistant than other hollow wall anchors.

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