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  • Plastic Anchor

    Plastic anchors are light-duty parts for use with self-tapping or wood screws in drywall, concrete, hollow block or brick.

  • Wallboard, One-Step

    Wallboard anchors drill their own holes and work in any thickness of drywall without tearing the paper coating.

  • Hammer Drive, Mushroom Head

    Install into a pre-drilled hole, when nail is hammered the anchor body expands for a tight fit.

  • Toggle Bolts

    Also called Butterfly Anchors, light-duty anchors that spread the load over a large area.

  • Wedge

    Also known as Wedge Anchors, these assure full contact with masonry and withstand temperature fluctuations.

  • Drop-In

    Drop-in anchors and setting tools to install and anchor items into concrete and other materials.

  • Split Drive

    Split drive anchors are designed for anchoring into solid concrete base materials with superior holding values.

  • Double Expansion

    Double expansion anchors are used in soft masonry or harder materials including stone, brick, concrete or block.

  • Expansion Pin, Zinc Yellow

    Expansion pins is an anchor for medium and heavy-duty fastening into concrete and block.

  • Single Expansion

    Single expansion anchors are used in soft masonry or harder materials including stone, brick, concrete or block.

  • Lead Alloy

    Lead alloy anchors are used with wood screws and other fasteners for light-duty applications.

  • Machine Screw

    Machine screws provide quick setting in brick, concrete or stone.

  • Setting Tools

    Variety of setting tools to install screw anchors.

  • Sleeve

    Sleeve anchors for use in solid or hollow masonry. Sleeves can be removed after installation if needed.

  • Nylon Hammer Drive

    Light-duty anchors for use in solid materials, hollow walls and sheet metal.

  • T-Anchors, Zinc Yellow

    T-anchors for use in ceilings, hollow walls, steel, concrete and wood.

  • Hollow Wall

    Also called a Molly Bolt, for use in hanging heavier objects in walls where a stud is not present.

  • Bent

    Also called a J Bolt, the bent portion creates resistance when embedded in concrete.

  • Concrete Screws

    Cut threads in concrete, block or brick eliminating the need for anchors in light-duty applications.

  • Lag Screw Shields

    Anchors that expand to fill the area of the pre-drilled hole when a lag screw is tightened into the shield.

  • Plastic Drive Pin Anchor Rivets

    When the nylon nail is hammered in the nylon body expands securing the anchor.

  • Plastic Toggle Anchors

    Plastic toggle anchors are for light duty applications and are used in hollow walls. They are made of polypropylene.

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